Wildlife Safari Tadoba
One of the finest places to see tigers in India, Tadoba can be explored on open jeeps. This method of excursion is known as tiger safari and is usually of few hours. The open jeep ride offers wide view of the habitat and a chance to see tigers and other game in the wild.
The jeep safaris are organized in the morning and evening with a break in between. The jeeps allowed for excursions have to be registered with the Tadoba Administration.
The entry for tiger safari has to be from the park gates. These are manned by the forest personal. The entry has to be registered on the gate and a prescribed charge has to be paid. There is a limit set for the numbers of jeeps that can enter the park hence the gate entry booking has to be made in advance.
The timings depend upon the sun rise and sun set and usually range from 6 am to 10.00 am. The evening timings are set from 3 pm to dusk. A park guide has to accompany the jeep as a regulation and a fee paid for this service.
The tourists are not allowed to get down from the vehicle throughout the safari. A set of rules and regulation exists for tiger safari and the park guide is aware of that. One has to follow his instruction in order to abide with the regulations.
For the gate entry one has to furnish personal information and identification papers. For the foreigners the passport in original has to be shown.
The Charges:
Gate entry charges do not include the jeep hire which have to be negotiated separately. At present online gate entry booking facility is not available hence one needs book on the spot at Navegaon Gate. Advance booking can be done from the Tadoba Reserve Office at Chandrapur.
Naturalist Guides
The tourists can hire naturalist guide for better interpretation and identification. Most of the hotels and resorts employ naturalists while one can also hire freelancers if in contact.
MP Tiger Safari Company assists in organizing the tiger safaris at Tadoba. All other services are also provided.